Accommodating a Gluten Free Diet in a Gluten Loving Home

When our girls began eating solids I was determined that I would not be making multiple meals for each picky member of the family. Meal times have always been important in my upbringing and we were all going to eat, the same things (with modification at times), together. Coming up with delicious and nutritious meals that now not only have elements that meet the palate of my 21 month and 4 year old, but also accommodate my mother’s gluten free, dairy limited, and nut free (amongst other allergies) diet and my father and husband’s love for gluten can be trying but we have come to find most meals can be modified without having to create completely different dishes for everyone.

Mom's Favorite Gluten Free Brands

Mom's Favorite Gluten Free Snacks

Mom's Gluten/Dairy Free Meal Modifications

  • FRENCH TOAST--dip gluten free bread in the egg batter first then you only have to make the batter once. Especially delicious with Canyon Bakehouse Raisin Bread.
  • PASTA--make gluten free pasta (see above) and regular pasta separately, but use the same sauce.
  • MEATBALLS--make the same base (ground meat, egg, parmesan cheese, seasoning) separate enough for gluten free before adding breadcrumbs. Make gluten free breadcrumbs out of Against the Grain Fresh Rosemary Baguettes or check out Beard & Bonnet for other gluten free breadcrumb suggestions.
  • MEXICAN FOOD with corn tortillas is generally a great gluten free option--enchiladas OR tamales, fajitas, or tacos to meet dairy free needs. If you have a corn sensitivity as well there are rice tortillas too but they aren't the best, or you can always opt for a hearty taco salad.
  • SMOOTHIES--we eat a lot of smoothies in our house. My girls will eat almost anything if it's in the form of a smoothie. Our smoothies include a combination of frozen berries; kale or spinach; keefer, greek yogurt, or coconut yogurt; and water or juice.

This post is made without any promotional enticement. We have just tried a lot of brands and meal options and thought I'd share some of the knowledge we have gained.

What are your favorite gluten free brands, snacks, and meal modification?