Tips, Tricks & Trends: Trending Twists on Classic Bridal Shower Games

This beautiful bride is getting married TODAY!! I can't wait to celebrate their wedding and even more excited to get to call this incredible woman my sister-in-law!

We played some of my favorite classic games at her bridal shower a couple months ago, however they each had a trendy twist that made them feel fresh!

Recall the Bridal Items

The typical tray of kitchen items that guests see for a minute or two, and then it is hidden again as guests try to recall as many items as possible, is a fun way to tie a great gift for the bride into a fun shower game as well. Rather than kitchen goods, my Mother-in-law put together a bag of wedding day necessities. As a couple with an already fully stocked kitchen, she was so excited to have the perfect go to items already packed for the wedding day!

taboo words_bridal shower game

Taboo Words

We all know the cloths pin game... say baby and you get your clothes pin taken away. Wouldn't it be way more fun if you gain bling rather than clothes pins!?! Party City sells plastic engagement ring favor charms that work perfectly for this game. Tie the ring onto a list of taboo words for a cute display, give it to guests as they arrive and take account who has the most rings toward the end of the party.





What are some of your favorite trending twists on some classic bridal shower games?