Naming Baby

Parenting is no easy feat, and it begins long before your baby is even born! From what car seat to buy to what color to paint the nursery, the world tells you that every decision you make will have a lifelong impact on your child. While I don’t believe that the crib you buy will make or break your child’s success in life, choosing a name for your child is a decision that will have a lifelong impact.

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For me, naming our daughters was one of the most daunting tasks! Will I still like it in a few years? Will they like it? Will their name fit their personality? Is it a good name for a child and an adult? Is it unique enough, yet known enough to not get butchered by every barista and every teacher on the first day of school? To top it off you have to make sure it can’t be used too easily to tease them (i.e. Smelly Kelly), or that their initials don’t spell or insinuate something inappropriate (i.e. William Thomas Fletcher).

Having criteria for naming our children helped tremendously in narrowing down millions of name options to a slightly more manageable number. (It also gave me more reassurance that if they disliked it at any point at least I would be able to justify why I named them that.)

I love our girls’ names! Our first daughter and I share a formal name, which is also my great-great grandmother's name, and shares my sister's middle name. Our second daughter is named after my husband's great-grandmother, and has my mother's middle/my husband's grandfather's middle name.

Our criteria:

1.     First and middle name must be a family name or play on a family name.

2.     Must have a given nickname that they will be called by (unless they are in trouble, which is why the full name must sound good too ;).) Bonus points if it is a unique nickname for the given formal name.

3.     It must be compatible with their siblings’ names.

My favorite parts of their names are the legacy represented by their classic formal names, but the uniqueness and individuality of their nicknames. Naming another baby girl is not going to be easy! I keep hoping our 4 year old will come up with a great idea, however, she thinks we should just wait until the baby is old enough and let her name herself.

Did you have any criteria when naming your children?

Did you find that when you got to the next child the secondary name choices from previous kids were still in the running or no longer made the cut?

Comment below, we'd love to hear!